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ElectroTechnoTak Knowledge-Based Co

A family company with a lasting legacy in the welding industry

ETT’s Journey in Welding Excellence

Welcome to Electro Techno Tak Company (ETT), our journey began in 1976 when Mr. Abbas Nekolaltak, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation of ETT with a commitment to push the boundaries of welding technology.

Pioneering Years: 1976 – 1990s

In our pioneering years, we specialized in the design and production of “Resistance and Arc Welding Machinery,” setting the stage for our ascent in the welding landscape. As the demand for advanced welding solutions grew, so did our capabilities. By the 1990s, we transitioned our focus to become leaders in “Spot and Butt Welding Machines,” in Iran.

Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

ETT is not just a company; it’s a family legacy. Founded on principles of dedication and integrity, we take pride in our family-driven ethos. In 1976, Mr. Nekolaltak’s vision shaped our values, and today, we are thrilled to announce the seamless transition of this cherished legacy to the capable hands of Mr. Nekolaltak’s daughters and sons. This evolution ensures that the spirit of family and dedication remains at the heart of ETT.

ETT’s Valued Partners Across Industries

• Automotive and auto parts manufacturers
• Wire and cable industry
• Home appliances industry
• Construction industry
• Oil and gas industry
• Aerospace industry

ETT Glossary of Products and Services

• Spot and Projection welding machinery
• Butt welding machinery
• Car body repair spot welding machinery (Auto spot welding)
• Portable spot welding machinery
• Stationary projection welding machinery
• Vertical and horizontal spot welding machinery
• Flash welding machinery
• Seam welding machinery
• Upset welding machinery
• Different PLC controlled fixtures
• Engineering consultant for proposing and advising the welding processes
• Operator training
• Providing technician and maintenance services

ETT’s Quality Certificates

• The First Holder of the Iranian Standard License (1998):
• Rectifier Welding Machine (License Number 32779 – ISO GIDE25)
• The first holder of the accredited Laboratory and Collaboration Laboratory (Co-lab) (2002):
• Field of Rectifier Welding Machines (400/360 – INSO)
• Completed a welding course at Miller, USA, in 1994:
• To committed to providing after-sales service for Miller Welding Machines for 10 years.
• Completed a course at the International Institute of Welding (IIW):
• In order to update new information in the design of welded structure in the year 1998.
• Membership:
• American Welding Society (AWS) since 1994
• Iranian Welding and Non-Destructive Testing Association (IWNT) since 1998
• Board of Directors and Founder of the Iranian Welding and Cutting Industries Association (IWCIMS) in 2003

Join Us in Our Journey

At Electro Techno Tak Co., our legacy is not just a history; it’s a living testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, dedication, and the unwavering warmth of family values. Be a part of our journey, where tradition meets modernity, and excellence is redefined.

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