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ElectroTechnoTak Industrial Group

ElectroTechnoTak Industrial Group has been established in 1976 by private enterprise, its fields of expertise and scope of services to find opportunities and have mutual cooperate with people who are highly dedicated and professional to achieve objectives of company and satisfaction of customers. ETT began with design and production of “Residence and Arc Welding Machinery” but continued with “Resistance Welding Machines”. And, today we produce a wide ranges of resistance welding machinery “Spot and Butt welding” equipped with micro controllers, digital and analog switchboards. Other available services of ETT comprises, installation and utilization of welding machines, operating training, repairmen and maintenance, after sale services such as procurement of consumable items and spare parts and engineering consultancy.

Part of applications that ETT is well prepared to offer its services

  • Automotive and auto parts making industries
  • Wire and cable manufacturing
  • Home appliances production
  • Construction 

A glossary of products and services of ETT

  • Spot and Projection welders
  • Butt welder
  • Car body repair spot welder (Auto spot welder)
  • Portable spot welder
  • Stationary projection welders
  • Vertical and horizontal spot welders
  • Flash welder
  • Seam welder
  • Upset welder
  • Different PLC controlled fixtures
  • Engineering consultant for proposing and advising the welding processes
  • Operator training
  • Providing technician and maintenance services


  • Standard license number32779 (ISO GIDE25) and Accredited lab and Co-lab in the field ofweldingRectifierin400/360 (INSO)
  • Membership in theInternationalInstitute ofWelding(IIW)inorder toupdate new informationin thedesign ofwelded structure
  • Member of director’s board of Welding and Cutting Industries Manufacturers Society of Iran (IWCIMS)
  • Member ofweldingandnon destructivetesting laboratoriesin Iran(IWNT)
  • Member ofAmericaWeldingSociety(AWS)andasalesrepresentative of America Miller company for10 yearsinIran
  • German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce membership
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